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Author Title Publisher Format Subjects Publication Date
141 Petroski, William Tax Payers Costs Top $5 million for May Raid at Postville Print 10/14/2008
142 Kiener, Ronald G. The Postville Raid Print
143 Editorial Board The Supreme Court and Sholom Rubashkin Electronic 10/04/2012
144 Belz, Adam Top Postville Student in Hiding;Superintendent Blasts Congress Print Strudthoff, Dave 05/14/2008
145 Pattison, Mark Town's Economy is Hit Hard After Immigration Raid Catholic News Service Electronic 05/01/2009
146 Pattison, Mark U.S. Citizenship on Horizon for Former Meatpacking Plant Worker Catholic News Service Electronic 04/30/2009
147 U.S. Supreme Court Won’t Review Rubashkin Appeal Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Electronic 10/01/2012
148 Reinitz, Jeff Undercover Worker Aided Agents Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Electronic Dummermuth, Matt 05/13/2008
149 Nelson, Josh Union: ICE Raid Interfered with Ongoing Investigation Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Electronic 05/13/2008
150 Reinitz, Jeff UPDATE: Court Hearings Held on the Dance Floor Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Electronic 05/14/2008
151 Schulte, Grant UPDATE: Rubashkin Supporters Show Up As Trial Begins Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Electronic 09/13/2009
152 Vigil at National Cattle Congress Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Electronic 05/12/2008
153 Raasch, Jeff Waterloo Latino Center Swamped with People Worried About Arrest Print Basurto, Mario 05/15/2008
154 Camayd-Freixas, Erik What Court Ruling on Identity Theft Means to Migrants Print 06/12/2009
155 Myers, E. Michael Why Reforms Elude Passage Print Latham, Tom
King, Steve
Boswell, Leonard
Brackett, Steve
Braley, Bruce
Chuta, Oceas
Grassley, Chuck
Harkin, Tom
Kennedy, Edward
Lauritsen, Mark
Loebsack, Dave
Ouderkirk, Paul
PaulChuta, Oceas
Scott, Ryan


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