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Author Title Publisher Format Subjects Publication Date
1 Alison A Year After Postville Raid, Returned Immigrants Recover The Latin Americanist Electronic Avila, Oscar 05/12/2009
2 Agri Star Donates To Postville Fire Relief Fund Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 10/20/2009
3 Palank, Jacqueline Agriprocessors Debacle Spawns New Kosher Rules Electronic 09/12/2009
4 Schulte, Grant Agriprocessors Jewish Clients Testify Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 10/20/2009
5 Agriprocessors Sale Still Being Worked on, Not a Done Deal. Electronic 05/22/2009
6 Agriprocessors Update, Part 2: Department of Ominous Relationships Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 09/25/2009
7 Feintzeig, Rachel Agriprocessors: The Play Wall Street Journal Electronic 07/06/2009
8 An Open Letter To Agriprocessors New CEO Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 09/19/2008
9 Leys, Tony Appeals Court: Rubashkin Doesn’t Deserve New Trial A Gannett Company Electronic 09/16/2011
10 Tomaso, Bruce At Agriprocessors: Keeping Kosher While Breaking the Law? Dallas News Electronic 07/28/2008
11 Deegan, Peter Breaking! 20 Years in Prison Agriprocessors HR Director Indicted Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 03/31/2009
12 Leys, Tony Breaking! Hershey Friedman Agriprocessors Only Bidder – Hearing On Sale Next Week Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 07/06/2009
13 Leys, Tony Breaking! Hershey Friedman: Rubashkins Will Continue To Work For Agriprocessors Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 07/17/2009
14 Duara, Nigel Breaking! Labor Contractor Pulls Workers Out Of Agriprocessors, Cites Unsafe Working Conditions Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 05/30/2008
15 Cooperman, Alan Breaking! Washington Post Weighs In – Confirms Earlier FailedMessiah.com Report Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 12/30/2004
16 Treacy, Mary Cedar Rapids Commemoration Planned on Five Year Anniversary of Postville Raid Electronic 04/16/2013
17 Chabad Rabbi Who Sits on Rubashkin Defense Fund Blames Government Antisemitism for Rubashkin Trial Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 10/19/2009
18 McCauley, Mary Commemoration of the Fifth Anniversary of the Postville Immigration Raid of May 12, 2008 Electronic 05/12/2008
19 Schulte, Grant Defense: Rubashkin Regrets Postville Outcome Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 04/29/2010
20 Document: New Sholom Rubashkin Appeal Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 10/03/2013


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