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Author Title Publisher Format Subjects Publication Date
1 Argueta, Luis
Cooley, Jennifer
AbUSed : The Postville Raid : The Content of the Documentary Video Stream 04/30/2009
2 Argueta, Luis
Cooley, Jennifer
AbUSed : The Postville Raid : The Technical Aspects of the Documentary Video Stream 05/01/2009
3 McCauley, Mary Archdiocesan Pastoral Staff, Advent Day of Reflection, January 16, 2009 Electronic 01/16/2009
4 Camayd-Freixas, Erik Call for Moratorium on Worksite Enforcement Raid Print 08/05/2008
5 McCauley, Mary Central College, Pella, Iowa, October 21, 2009 Electronic 10/21/2009
6 McCauley, Mary Closing Remarks, Prayer and Rally First Anniversary of the Raid, St. Bridget’s Church, Postville, Iowa, May 12, 2009 Electronic 05/12/2009
7 McCauley, Mary Ecumenical Advocacy Days 2010, Washington, DC, March 19-22, 2010 Electronic 03/19/2010
8 Teatro Indocumentado Historia de Nuestras Vidas Video Stream 05/01/2009
9 Camayd-Freixas, Erik Immigrant Rights and American Values ITS-EdTech, University of Northern Iowa DVD Postville Immigration Raid 03/09/2010
10 Sanchez, Sandra Immigration: The Impact & Our Response Video Stream
11 Benzoni, James
Cooley, Jennifer
Legal, Judicial and Constitutional Implications of the Postville Raid Video Stream 05/01/2009
12 Abbas, Jeff
Kessler, Thomas
Krogstad, Jens Manuel
Marth, Erin
Cooley, Jennifer
Media Coverage : Past Present and Future Video Stream 05/01/2009
13 Wahls, Chad
Van Gorp, Nina
Hernandez, Dawn
Olson, Maryn
Moore, Mary Jo
Cooley, Jennifer
Postville USA : The Community's Perception of the Past and Predictions for the Future Video Stream 05/01/2009
14 Burke, Mollie
Gibbs, Virginia
Ede, Luz María Ramírez
Cooley, Jennifer
Postville: The Emotional Consequences Video Stream 05/01/2009
15 McCauley, Mary Presentation at the Reform Immigration for America Immigration Summit, Gallaudet University, Washington DC, June 4, 2009 Electronic 06/04/2009
16 McCauley, Mary Reflection During Commemorative Prayer First Anniversary of Postville Raid: Luther College, Decorah, Iowa Print 05/11/2009
17 McCauley, Mary Reflection Given During Prayer Service on the Occasion of the Visit of Rigoberta Menchu to Postville, Iowa, November 8, 2008 Electronic 11/08/2008
18 McCauley, Mary Response to Receiving Cristine Wilson Medal for Equality and Justice, from Iowa Commission on the Status of Women, August 29, 2009 Electronic 08/29/2009
19 McCauley, Mary Response to Recognition at Chicago New Sanctuary Coalition, April 26, 2009 Electronic 04/26/2009
20 McCauley, Mary The Postville Story, Just Faith Participants, Resurrection Parish, Dubuque, Iowa, February 20, 2010 Electronic 02/20/2010


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