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Author Title Publisher Format Subjects Publication Date
101 Swinton, Val Living and Learning - Fate of Postville Jewish Community up to City, Company Print 03/26/1995
102 Andersen, Drew NCC Officials Thought Grounds for Homeland Security Training Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Electronic 05/15/2008
103 Hoverman, Carol Nobel Winner Listens to Testimony of Workers Rounded up in Iowa Raid Catholic News Service Electronic 11/19/2008
104 Simon, Stephanie Opportunity for Jobs Brings Mix of Cultures Print 02/09/1999
105 Popper, Nathanial Orthodox Rabbis Rally Around Rubashkin as He Sits in Jail The Jewish Daily Forward Electronic 01/21/2009
106 Arland-Fye, Barb People at Interfaith Prayer Service, Rally Urge Justice for Migrants Catholic News Service Electronic 08/01/2008
107 The Gazette Opinion Staff Plenty of Injustice to be Found in Postville Case Electronic 10/13/2012
108 Love, Orlan Postville Decimated by Immigration Raid One Year Ago Cedar Rapids Gazette Print 05/10/2009
109 Postville Detainees Include Guatemalans, Other Nationalities, and Some Juveniles Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Electronic 05/13/2008
110 Molseed, John Postville Economy SUN::1 Tribune Business News Electronic 11/08/2009
111 Harris, Ben Postville Jewish Community Struggles to Survive Print 12/04/2008
112 Nelson, Josh Postville Plant Has Record of Violations, Reprimands Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Electronic 05/17/2008
113 Nelson, Josh Postville Raid was Largest at a Single Site in History Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Electronic 05/14/2008
114 Krogstad, Jens Manuel Postville Reeling After Raid Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Electronic 05/15/2008
115 Ebaugh, Alicia
Belz, Adam
Postville Shocked, Confused Print McCauley, Mary
Escamilla, Lesvia
Galicia, Julian
Martinez, Jesus
Meltzer, Alyssa
116 Belz, Adam Postville Struggling Print Frantz, Zita
Hughes Jr., Teddy
Calderon, Adolfo
Fallon, Jim
Kuhse, Ardie
Lechuga, Rhonda
Wahls, Chad
117 Nardini, Jennifer Postville's Melting Pot Simmers Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Print 04/01/2001
118 Jones, Maggie Postville, Iowa, Is Up for Grabs Electronic 07/11/2012
119 Bloom, Stephen G. Postville: Slaughterhouse Slum Electronic 07/09/2010
120 Pattison, Mark Priest Came Out of Retirement to Help Meatpacking Plant Workers Catholic News Service Electronic 04/29/2009


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