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Author Title Publisher Format Subjects Publication Date
81 Reinitz, Jeff
Krogstad, Jens Manuel
Nelson, Josh
Courier Staff Writers
Immigration Raid Termed Largest in Iowa History Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Electronic Arnold, Claude
Rubashkin, Sholom
McCauley, Mary
Braley, Bruce
Giertz, Jeff
Gustafson, Carole
Reade, Linda
82 Aldana, Raquel Immigration Raids Lead U.S. to a Moral, Legal Crisis Print 06/13/2008
83 Popper, Nathanial In Iowa Meat Plant, Kosher Jungle Breeds Fear, Injury, Short Pay The Jewish Daily Forward Print 05/26/2006
84 Krogstad, Jens Manuel In Postville, Shock But No Surprise Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Electronic 05/14/2008
85 Heller, Andy Injustice Continues: Supreme Court Rejects Rubashkin’s Appeal Electronic 10/02/2012
86 Cushing, Dave Iowa Community Rallies to Help Families After Raids Catholic News Service Electronic 05/28/2008
87 Kilen, Mike Iowa Family Rebuilds Life After Immigration Raid Sacratomatoville Post Electronic 10/01/2012
88 Simon, Stephanie Iowa Farming Town Copes with Becoming A Melting Pot Print 01/29/1999
89 Simon, Stephanie Iowa Town Facing a Delimma Print 02/01/2001
90 Zapor, Patricia Iowa Town Stretching Resources to Help Families Hurt by ICE Raid Catholic News Service Electronic 07/30/2008
91 Zapor, Patricia Iowa, Other Raids Rallying Points in Push for Immigration Changes Catholic News Service Electronic 05/12/2009
92 Associated Press Iowa: Sentence in Immigration Case Electronic 03/20/2009
93 Associated Press Iowa: Testimony in Slaughterhouse Case Electronic 10/30/2009
94 Nardini, Jennifer Jew Wins Postville Special Election Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Print 04/25/2001
95 Love, Orlan Jewish People in Postville Threatened - Disgruntled Worker Vents to Radio Station;Interview Hits Internet Cedar Rapids Gazette Print 11/21/2008
96 Harris, Ben Kosher Meat Plant Raid Wreaks Widespread Havoc Print
97 Ford, Anne Kosher Meat Shortage Pinches Budgets, Menus Print 12/18/2008
98 Klein, Amy Larger Economic, Ethical Implications Stir Concern Print
99 Nelson, Josh Lawmakers Call for Agriprocessors Probe Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Electronic 05/15/2008
100 Lawyers: Government Sabotaged Sale in Rubashkin Case Electronic 10/02/2013


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