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Author Title Publisher Format Subjects Publication Date
81 Weiss, Jeffrey The Forward Whacks Postville’s Besmirched Kosher Meat Processing Plant with a Talmud Stick Dallas News Electronic 08/08/2008
82 Croland, Michael The Latest AgriProcessors Scandal heeb'n'vegan Electronic 05/29/2008
83 Lubinsky, Menachhem The Lies Of Kosher Today, Cont. Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 06/07/2009
84 The New York Times Revisits Postville – And Destroys History In The Process Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 07/11/2012
85 Johnson, Gregory The Postville, Iowa Raid: Looking Back, What Have We Learned? – Federal Agents Invade Rubashkin Agriprocessors Kosher Meat Packing Plant Electronic 04/08/2010
86 Tomaso, Bruce The Rise and Fall of a Kosher Powerhouse Dallas News Electronic 01/15/2009
87 Bensasson, Sima The Rubashkin-Lubinsky Smear Begins Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 06/04/2008
88 Sheva, Arutz The Spin Goes On Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 12/14/2004
89 Erwin C. Today's Video: Hard Times in Postville The Latin Americanist Video Stream 11/24/2008
90 Erwin C. Today's Video: Postville's Aftermath in Iowa and Beyond The Latin Americanist Video Stream 08/11/2009
91 Two Men Stabbed In Postville – Agriprocessors' New Hires Said To Be Involved, One Death Possible Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 07/24/2008
92 Justa Inc United States v. Rubashkin Electronic 09/16/2011
93 UPDATED: The Company That Would Buy Agriprocessors Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 06/10/2009
94 Video: Anthony Weiner Says All Judges In Rubashkin Case Anti-Semitic Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 08/08/2013
95 Leys, Tony Will Israel Extradite Notorious Agriprocessors Supervisor? Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 09/14/2011
96 Popper, Nathanial With Prayers and Support, Rubashkin Goes on Trial After Plea Bargain Fails Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 10/14/2009


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