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Author Title Publisher Format Subjects Publication Datesort descending
1 Fishkoff, Sue Raid Generates Fears of Shortages, Boycott Print
2 Klein, Amy Larger Economic, Ethical Implications Stir Concern Print
3 Harris, Ben Kosher Meat Plant Raid Wreaks Widespread Havoc Print
4 Kiener, Ronald G. The Postville Raid Print
5 Dimitrova, Anelia K. Documentary Frames Need for Immigration Reform Print Argueta, Luis
Loyes, Fermin
Lueth, Rebecca
6 Swinton, Val Agriprocessors Warns of Move if Plant Annexed Print 03/02/1995
7 Swinton, Val Living and Learning - Fate of Postville Jewish Community up to City, Company Print 03/26/1995
8 Simon, Stephanie Iowa Farming Town Copes with Becoming A Melting Pot Print 01/29/1999
9 Simon, Stephanie Opportunity for Jobs Brings Mix of Cultures Print 02/09/1999
10 Levin, Steve Tale of Iowans and Their Jewish Neighbors Lacks Credibility Print 01/28/2001
11 Simon, Stephanie Iowa Town Facing a Delimma Print 02/01/2001
12 Nardini, Jennifer Postville's Melting Pot Simmers Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Print 04/01/2001
13 Nardini, Jennifer Jew Wins Postville Special Election Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Print 04/25/2001
14 Popper, Paul, Noel C. A Farm-Belt Town goes Global, and Thrives Christian Science Monitor Electronic 08/20/2001
15 Popper, Nathanial In Iowa Meat Plant, Kosher Jungle Breeds Fear, Injury, Short Pay The Jewish Daily Forward Print 05/26/2006
16 Popper, Nathanial Immigration Battle Splitting Locals in Iowa The Jewish Daily Forward Print 06/23/2006
17 Longworth, Richard Caught in the Middle: America's Heartland in the Age of Globalism Print 01/01/2007
18 Activists Worried About Immigration Raid in Waterloo Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Electronic Miller, Doug
Varisco-Santini, Sol
19 Hispanics Learning their Rights Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Electronic Ayala, Beverly 05/12/2008
20 Vigil at National Cattle Congress Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Electronic 05/12/2008


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