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Author Title Publisher Format Subjects Publication Datesort descending
1 Fishkoff, Sue Raid Generates Fears of Shortages, Boycott Print
2 Klein, Amy Larger Economic, Ethical Implications Stir Concern Print
3 Harris, Ben Kosher Meat Plant Raid Wreaks Widespread Havoc Print
4 Kiener, Ronald G. The Postville Raid Print
5 Dimitrova, Anelia K. Documentary Frames Need for Immigration Reform Print Argueta, Luis
Loyes, Fermin
Lueth, Rebecca
6 Swinton, Val Agriprocessors Warns of Move if Plant Annexed Print 03/02/1995
7 Swinton, Val Living and Learning - Fate of Postville Jewish Community up to City, Company Print 03/26/1995
8 Simon, Stephanie Iowa Farming Town Copes with Becoming A Melting Pot Print 01/29/1999
9 Simon, Stephanie Opportunity for Jobs Brings Mix of Cultures Print 02/09/1999
10 Levin, Steve Tale of Iowans and Their Jewish Neighbors Lacks Credibility Print 01/28/2001
11 Simon, Stephanie Iowa Town Facing a Delimma Print 02/01/2001
12 Nardini, Jennifer Postville's Melting Pot Simmers Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Print 04/01/2001
13 Nardini, Jennifer Jew Wins Postville Special Election Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Print 04/25/2001
14 Popper, Paul, Noel C. A Farm-Belt Town goes Global, and Thrives Christian Science Monitor Electronic 08/20/2001
15 Popper, Nathanial In Iowa Meat Plant, Kosher Jungle Breeds Fear, Injury, Short Pay The Jewish Daily Forward Print 05/26/2006
16 Popper, Nathanial Immigration Battle Splitting Locals in Iowa The Jewish Daily Forward Print 06/23/2006
17 Longworth, Richard Caught in the Middle: America's Heartland in the Age of Globalism Print 01/01/2007
18 Activists Worried About Immigration Raid in Waterloo Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Electronic Miller, Doug
Varisco-Santini, Sol
19 Reinitz, Jeff
Krogstad, Jens Manuel
Nelson, Josh
Courier Staff Writers
Immigration Raid Termed Largest in Iowa History Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Electronic Arnold, Claude
Rubashkin, Sholom
McCauley, Mary
Braley, Bruce
Giertz, Jeff
Gustafson, Carole
Reade, Linda
20 Christensen, Emily Area Hispanics Scurry to get Paperwork in Line Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Electronic Basurto, Mario
Ayala, Beverly


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