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Author Title Publisher Format Subjects Publication Date
1 Gonzalez, Juan
Goodman, Amy
1,000 Protest Iowa Immigration Raid Video Stream 07/28/2008
2 15 Things to Know About Immigration and the Postville Raid Wartburg College Electronic 02/21/2014
3 Maimon, Debbie 5th Anniversary of Postville Raid Electronic 05/03/2013
4 Silow-Carroll, Andrew A Rush to Judgment on Postville? Electronic 07/25/2008
5 Gonzalez, Juan
Goodman, Amy
Anniversary of Immigration Raid Marked in Postville, Iowa Video Stream 05/12/2009
6 Nathan-Kazis, Josh Anti-Semitism Alleged in Postville, Iowa Forward Newspaper, L.L.C. Electronic 09/16/2011
7 Gonzalez, Juan
Goodman, Amy
Ex-Manager of Postville Plant Convicted of Financial Fraud Video Stream 11/13/2009
8 Swanson, Abbie Fentress Field Notes: Marking the Fifth Anniversary of the Postville, Iowa Raid Radio Stream 05/10/2013
9 Fishkoff, Sue Gauging The Postville Fallout Electronic 05/23/2008
10 Harris, Ben Groups Plan to Rally at Postville Electronic 07/24/2008
11 Wiener, Robert Immigrants' Supporters Recall Postville Lessons Electronic 05/21/2008
12 Fishkoff, Sue Jewish Activists Rally in Postville to Back Agriprocessors Workers Electronic 07/29/2008
13 Anonymous Jewish Groups Urge New Postville Partnership Electronic 10/20/2009
14 Popper, Nathanial Justices Strike Down Postville Tactic Electronic 05/15/2009
15 Harris, Ben Liberal Jewish Groups To Rally At Postville Plant Electronic 07/25/2008
16 Weiss, Anthony News From Postville May Be Treyf, but Kosher Consumers Keep Buying Electronic 06/13/2008
17 Aronoff, Giden Postville a Clarion Call for Jews and Americans Electronic 05/22/2008
18 Anonymous Postville Kosher Meatpacking Plant Hiring Workers Electronic 02/01/2010
19 Postville Looks to the Future Five Years after Immigration Raid Electronic 05/12/2013
20 Harris, Ben Postville Plant Turns to the Homeless Electronic 06/26/2008


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