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Author Titlesort descending Publisher Format Subjects Publication Date
1 Rubiner, Betsy After Immigrant Raid, Iowans Ask Why Electronic Postville Immigration Raid
McCauley, Mary
Kuhse, Ardie
Ruiz, Sylvia
Schlee, John
Veronica, Marta
Wahls, Chad
2 Eichorn, Steven Brief Urges Supreme Court to Accept Rubashkin Sentencing Appeal Electronic 05/04/2012
3 Moyers, Peter Butchering Statutes: The Postville Raid and the Misinterpretation of Federal Criminal Law Electronic Postville Immigration Raid
4 Popper, Nathanial Good Morning Postville Columbia Journalism Review Electronic 03/03/2009
5 Bloom, Stephen G. Hello, I Must be Going: A Midlist Author's Fling with Fame Print 09/14/2001
6 Leonard, Bill HR Staff Charged in Child Labor Violations Electronic 11/01/2008
7 Rachleff, Peter Immigrant Rights Are Labor Rights Economic Affairs Bureau Electronic 09/01/2008
8 Preston, Julia Immigrants’ Speedy Trials After Raid Become Issue Electronic 08/08/2008
9 Yoffe, Emily In Postville, Iowa, Kosher is Kosher Print 06/01/2005
10 Camayd-Freixas, Erik Interpreting After the Largest ICE Raid in US History: A Personal Account Print 12/07/2008
11 Chishti, Muzaffar
Bergeron, Claire
Iowa Raid Raises Questions about Stepped-Up Immigration Enforcement The Online Journal of the Migration Policy Institute Electronic 06/16/2008
12 Zehr, Mary Ann Iowa School District Left Coping With Immigration Raid's Impact Electronic 05/21/2008
13 Fresquez, Cristina One Year Later, Advocates Remain Hopeful El Semanario Electronic 05/14/2009
14 Rubel, Nora L. Orthodox Judaism and the News Electronic
15 Friedman, Stan Postville Burnout Print 02/10/2009
16 López, Julie Postville Deportees Push for Change in Guatemala Electronic Guerra, Marco Tulio
Castro, Fernando
Colom, Alvaro
17 Kay, Sara Postville Revisited Print 09/24/2008
18 Gazdziak, Sam Postville Still Reeling from Agriprocessors Raid Electronic 10/15/2008
19 Ager, Joey Postville: One Year Later Sojourners Electronic religion
Hanus, Jerome
supreme court
20 Juby, Cindy
Kaplan, Laura E.
Postville: The Effects of an Immigration Raid Electronic


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