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Author Title Publisher Format Subjects Publication Datesort descending
1 Rubel, Nora L. Orthodox Judaism and the News Electronic
2 Moyers, Peter Butchering Statutes: The Postville Raid and the Misinterpretation of Federal Criminal Law Electronic Postville Immigration Raid
3 Juby, Cindy
Kaplan, Laura E.
Postville: The Effects of an Immigration Raid Electronic
4 Rigg, Robert R. The Postville Raid: A Postmortem Electronic
5 Kochan, Thomas A. The Effects of Diversity on business Performance: Report of the Diversity Research Network Print
6 Juby, Cindy
Kaplan, Laura E.
Postville: The Effects of an Immigration Raid Print Postville Immigration Raid
7 Bloom, Stephen G. Hello, I Must be Going: A Midlist Author's Fling with Fame Print 09/14/2001
8 Yoffe, Emily In Postville, Iowa, Kosher is Kosher Print 06/01/2005
9 Zehr, Mary Ann Iowa School District Left Coping With Immigration Raid's Impact Electronic 05/21/2008
10 Rubiner, Betsy After Immigrant Raid, Iowans Ask Why Electronic Postville Immigration Raid
McCauley, Mary
Kuhse, Ardie
Ruiz, Sylvia
Schlee, John
Veronica, Marta
Wahls, Chad
11 Chishti, Muzaffar
Bergeron, Claire
Iowa Raid Raises Questions about Stepped-Up Immigration Enforcement The Online Journal of the Migration Policy Institute Electronic 06/16/2008
12 Harris, Ben Protestors Rap Government for Handling of Postville Raid Print 07/31/2008
13 Preston, Julia Immigrants’ Speedy Trials After Raid Become Issue Electronic 08/08/2008
14 Rachleff, Peter Immigrant Rights Are Labor Rights Economic Affairs Bureau Electronic 09/01/2008
15 Kay, Sara Postville Revisited Print 09/24/2008
16 Gazdziak, Sam Postville Still Reeling from Agriprocessors Raid Electronic 10/15/2008
17 Leonard, Bill HR Staff Charged in Child Labor Violations Electronic 11/01/2008
18 Camayd-Freixas, Erik Interpreting After the Largest ICE Raid in US History: A Personal Account Print 12/07/2008
19 Friedman, Stan Postville Burnout Print 02/10/2009
20 Popper, Nathanial Good Morning Postville Columbia Journalism Review Electronic 03/03/2009


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