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61 Erwin C. Raided Postville Plant Faces New Charges The Latin Americanist Electronic 08/22/2008
62 Erwin C. Reports: High Price Tag from Postville Raid The Latin Americanist Electronic King, Steve 10/14/2008
63 Schulte, Grant Rubashkin "Very Hyper"Just Before Arrest, Witness Says Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 10/16/2009
64 Schulte, Grant Rubashkin Attorneys Try to Discredit Witnesses Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 10/20/2009
65 Schulte, Grant Rubashkin Customer Denies Tax Scheme Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 10/20/2009
66 Wasserman, Aliza Rubashkin Fraud Trial Begins today in SD Hazon Electronic Reyes, Edgardo
67 Duara, Nigel Rubashkin Naive "Kid"From Brooklyn, Defense Claims Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 10/14/2009
68 Krogstad, Jens Manuel Rubashkin Trial: Agriprocessors Manager Bragged About Firing Minors, Witness Says Des Moines Register Electronic 05/26/2010
69 Krogstad, Jens Manuel Rubashkin trial: Attorneys Battle Over Motion to Dismiss Case Des Moines Register Electronic 05/25/2010
70 Schulte, Grant Rubashkin Trial: Defense Says Sloppiness, Outdated Computer Software To Blame - Not Fraud Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 10/15/2009
71 Krogstad, Jens Manuel Rubashkin Trial: Rubashkin’s Wife Takes Stand A Gannett Company Electronic 06/01/2010
72 Krogstad, Jens Manuel Rubashkin Trial: State Agent Tries to Identify Photos of Minors at Plant Des Moines Register Electronic 05/27/2010
73 Krogstad, Jens Manuel Rubashkin Trial: Witness Testimony Continues A Gannett Company Electronic 05/24/2010
74 Rubashkin Trying To Get New Trial By Claiming Jurors Anti-Semitic Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 09/24/2013
75 Rosenberg, Shmarya Rubashkin's Attorneys Violated Law, In Contempt of Court Judge Says Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 09/23/2013
76 Saint Rubashkin Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 04/11/2010
77 Leys, Tony Second Slaughterhouse Manager Who Fled to Israel Should Face Justice, Former Postville Priest Says A Gannett Company Electronic 02/03/2014
78 Sholom Rubashkin, Jr. Violates Parole, Must Return To Prison Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 11/25/2012
79 Rood, Lee State Fears Intimidation Of Agriprocessors' Child Workers Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 02/06/2009
80 Leys, Tony State Thinks Agriprocessors Sale Near Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 05/17/2009


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