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Author Title Publisher Format Subjects Publication Datesort descending
1 Ethnic Discord Erupts In Postville Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic
2 Iowa Secretary of Agriculture: If I Had Jurisdiction, I Would Shut them Down. Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 12/07/2004
3 Sheva, Arutz The Spin Goes On Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 12/14/2004
4 PETA Calls For Criminal Charges Against Rubashkin Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 12/27/2004
5 Cooperman, Alan Breaking! Washington Post Weighs In – Confirms Earlier FailedMessiah.com Report Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 12/30/2004
6 OU: Alleged Animal Abuse At Rubashkin's Nebraska Plant "Nothing Like"The Abuses At Postville, Iowa Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 07/11/2007
7 McCauley, Mary Commemoration of the Fifth Anniversary of the Postville Immigration Raid of May 12, 2008 Electronic 05/12/2008
8 Saulny, Susan New York Times Blows Raid Coverage Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 05/13/2008
9 Croland, Michael The Latest AgriProcessors Scandal heeb'n'vegan Electronic 05/29/2008
10 Duara, Nigel Breaking! Labor Contractor Pulls Workers Out Of Agriprocessors, Cites Unsafe Working Conditions Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 05/30/2008
11 Bensasson, Sima The Rubashkin-Lubinsky Smear Begins Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 06/04/2008
12 Two Men Stabbed In Postville – Agriprocessors' New Hires Said To Be Involved, One Death Possible Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 07/24/2008
13 Tomaso, Bruce At Agriprocessors: Keeping Kosher While Breaking the Law? Dallas News Electronic 07/28/2008
14 Weiss, Jeffrey The Forward Whacks Postville’s Besmirched Kosher Meat Processing Plant with a Talmud Stick Dallas News Electronic 08/08/2008
15 Erwin C. Raided Postville Plant Faces New Charges The Latin Americanist Electronic 08/22/2008
16 An Open Letter To Agriprocessors New CEO Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 09/19/2008
17 Erwin C. Reports: High Price Tag from Postville Raid The Latin Americanist Electronic King, Steve 10/14/2008
18 Dorman, Todd Postville's Real Victims Not Invited To The Party Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 11/04/2008
19 Erwin C. Postville Plant Seeks Bankruptcy The Latin Americanist Electronic 11/06/2008
20 Electricity Shutoffs Widen – Tenants Being Taken To Temporary Shelter Outside Postville Shmarya Rosenberg Electronic 11/14/2008


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